Join us as we try to create 30 days of fun memories with our kids outside EVERYDAY starting April 1st.

Friday, April 8, 2011

April 8th-Parallel Play in Our Own Backyard

 Andrew had a great time playing with the dog.  

 Molly insisted on wearing her new boots. (That are two sizes too big).  She ran around the back yard yelling, "GO, GO!" Then fell down after every 4 or 5 steps.  She'd get back up again and yell "Go, Go!" She refused to change shoes.  She is Two with a capital "T"!

Ryan spent the afternoon chatting with the backyard neighbors.
Notice how he and his brother have figured out how to stack this chair onto a platform and stand on the top to chat with the neighbors.  The neighbors are standing on their trampoline on the other side of the fence.

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  1. I love your photos Danielle. They are very inviting and fun, also your kids are adorable :) I will try to post of couple of my photos of my grandchildren so you can see who it is that is playing in Indiana with you all. We were too busy outside yesterday riding bikes and digging in the flowerbeds to post, so I am posting today for yesterday. Today all my grandchildren are home with their parents and it is Thunderstorming here so we'll have to see if it gets to be an outside day or not Later. Have fun today everyone :) Nana Ann