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Friday, April 29, 2011

April 29th-Afternoon at the Park

Friday was lovely and we decided to go to the park for lunch.  Coincidentally,  our cousin had the same idea!  Ryan was so excited to play at the park with his cousin.  They took turns pushing each other in the swing and the spinning chair.  (Or as Molly calls it "Potty."  I guess she thinks it looks like her little potty seat at home).   

Ryan was very sad when his cousin left.   I told him that there were lots of other kids on the playground his age he could play with.  He told me he only wanted to play with kids bigger than him.  So he proceeded to walk over to the tallest kid on the playground and introduced himself.  "Hi, I am Ryan.  I am 4 years old.  I want someone big to play with me."    The little boy was very sweet and let Ryan play with him and his friends.  

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