Join us as we try to create 30 days of fun memories with our kids outside EVERYDAY starting April 1st.

Friday, April 1, 2011

April 1st- Field Trip to Natural Science Museum

Today was our last day of Spring Break!  Andrew, my eldest, is obsessed with all things birds and wolves these days.  The Greensboro Nature Science Museum has new baby wolf pups (and a few birds), so we headed there today for one last fun outing before school starts back on Monday.  We had a fun time outdoors together, even though it was very windy and chilly (44 degrees).  Unfortunately, the little pups were a little too frightened and a little too cold to come out and say hello.   But I did manage to snap this one shot of his little head peeking out of the tree.  The mommy wolf was enjoying the sunshine...the first we have had here in several days.  She kept walking over to the tree and appeared to be trying to coax the babies out, but they wouldn't budge, even for her.

We spent over 2 hours outside visiting the animals.   Molly was very excited to brush the "Doggies" (aka goats) in the petting zoo area. 

The Animal Discovery habitat is thoughtfully landscaped and has lots of neat bridges and stumps and little pathways to play in as you walk between exhibits.

When we were finished at the museum, we drove home and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon outside jumping on the trampoline and playing tag until dinner.

I would love to hear how your first day went.  Comment here or on our facebook page and let me know! I will be posting a link up next Sunday for you to share your favorite post from the previous week's outdoor fun!


  1. Sounds like a great day!! We enjoyed an afternoon at the park with friends and then a baseball scrimmage this evening! : )

  2. We played outside today! :) we began our weekend trip to St Louis and spent this wonderful 60 degree day at the Free St Louis Zoo. We have a nice zoo in Indy but it definitely is Not free. I'll try to post a photo when we return home.

  3. We just plain, old-fashioned played in the yard today (ok, I worked in the yard, but the kids played...)

  4. Our first day was wonderful!! We spent over 3 hours visiting an Alpaca Farm that also had goats and a few chickens.

  5. I hung clothes on the line, the kids played, and we planted the last of our tomato plants. It was the first sunny day in a week, so my flowers didn't need watering, but my two-year-old "pwetended" to water them with her little can. Great!

  6. Gah! I have to catch up - On April 1, we spent time outside weeding our garden - sounds like work but it really isn't to a two and a half year old who loves to hunt for bugs and worms while he's there!