Join us as we try to create 30 days of fun memories with our kids outside EVERYDAY starting April 1st.

Monday, April 4, 2011

April 4th- Hiking

We live near a beautiful area with nature trails, a garden, pond, and great trees.  I love bringing the children here to play.  There is no playground equipment.  The children just have a wonderful time exploring and playing with nature.  This gigantic magnolia is our very favorite part of the gardens.

There is a huge opening beneath the tree that the children love to climb inside and play pretend.  They call it their secret fort.  They were a little disappointed today that there were other children inside "their" hide out when we arrived.  I think they believed we were the only ones who knew about this place. 

We hiked on the trail and had a fun time throwing sticks in the water. 

 It was really windy this afternoon.  Look at Molly's pigtails!


  1. We had a great time outside today with Grandma-Great!

  2. Yesterday we didn't spend much time outside together because it was raining early in the day and too hot for me to go out later in the day (I have MS and heat exacerbates my condition). Xander went to preschool in the morning and spent time with his friends playing in their new "tree house" in the young childrens' community playground, though!

  3. Day5 Sunny warm and windy, all and all a lovely spring day. We went to a city park and had a nice walk in the woods along a very swollen and rapid moving sugar creek. Logan ran in the puddles and got Soaked from the waist down and had a great time. Ceiligh just enjoyed being outside.