Join us as we try to create 30 days of fun memories with our kids outside EVERYDAY starting April 1st.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April 20th-Teddy Bear Picnic

We held a picnic outdoors for my daughter's 2nd Birthday! We had a great time and perfect weather!


  1. We went to Jambbas Ranch and fed Buffalo! I'm exhausted! A teddy bear picnic sounds like so much fun!

  2. I just love teddy bear picnics! Several years ago we started a "bear hunt" at our local linear park. We have continued for 6 years now. It's held in August, right before school starts. It's so hot in Texas, we meet at night and pass out glow sticks to the kids, then we walk our linear trail from one park to the next (2 miles). We have a mom meet us with water and gummy bears, then we head back! It's a great send off for summer, and since some parts of the trail are heavily wooded, we have seen some interesting night life the kids wouldn't normally get to see. Of course, they are so loud, most of the "bears" have run off!

  3. We added water to our sand and made sand castles. Also, just checked out The Green Hour from the library. Looks like a great book... we are going to try a scavenger hunt tomorrow!

  4. An outdoor Teddy Bear picnic is such a great birthday party idea! Love it. :)

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